Looking For Rentals

Hello from our Palm Real Estate team!

Been that you are in our high season, many of the properties available for rent have been already booked. To best assist you, we appreciate if you can answer the questions below, together with our network of agents and property managers in the area we hope to find you a place with your preferences and needs!

1-      How many bedrooms minimum you need?

2-      How many people are travelling with you?

3-      Do you have small kids (for safety purposes)

4-      Are you bringing pets? If yes, what kind, how many and sizes

5-      Do you plan to rent a car while your stay? (if you do so we can recommend companies that provide discounts to our Palm clients, also, if you are doing so, it can open additional inventory, must ocean view options will be located at least 5 minutes drive to beach)

6-      Do you prefer to be walk distance to the beach?

7-      Do you prefer a home or condo?

8-      Have you been to our area before? Do you have a beach of preference?

9-      Any special details or preferences let us know. Great if you have a budget we can work with.


We look forward to assist you on your vacation and/or long term rental and if when in the area (or via email as well!) you are interested to look at properties to purchase it will be a pleasure for our office to assist as well.  

We look forward hearing from you and be of help. And please don’t hesitate any questions you may have for us!

Warm regards,

The Palm Real Estate Team


We provide quality and personal service to assist you in all of your real estate needs. If you need assistance or have questions please feel free to contact us.